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As a Solar Maid licensed and approved service provider, we keep your Solar Panels operating at peak efficiency by using the finest techniques and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

We also do bird mesh installation, keeping pigeons, squirrels, raccoons, and other pests from nesting under the panels. These critters chew wire and make a general mess, which cuts down on the efficiency of the panels.

We can provide all exterior cleaning for your home or business. You can rest assured that we take the greatest care in protecting your investment.

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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning 

Solar Maid of Northern California has cleaned tens of thousands of solar panels in the Bay Area in the past 15 years. We get you more for that Kilowatt hour with a clean shining surface that will collect all that beautiful sunshine. If your solar panels have a collection of dust, pollen, rain spatters, tree sap, wet leaves or any of the myriad things floating around in the heavens, you are not getting your money's worth from those solar panels. Solar panels must be clean for a good return on investment. Helping to save the planet in return.


Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

A Clean Solar Panel is an Efficient Solar Panel. It is generally recommended to clean solar panels every 6 months to a year to maintain efficiency. Cleaning your home's solar panels is not an ideal DIY project. And in fact, it can be dangerous to life and limb and if not done correctly, can damage your panels. It makes sense and will probably save you money, in the long run, to hire a professional cleaning company using eco-friendly products with the tools and skills to get the job done safely and correctly.


Bye Bye Birdie - Solar Panel Critter Guard

We are an approved installer for Critter Guard and Bird B Gone, which creates a physical barrier between your Solar Panels and various birds and rodents that might like to call your panels home. We welcome your inquiries and are happy to come out and do a FREE inspection and evaluation of what you might need to protect your panels. Plus, if you choose to use our services, we will guarantee our parts and labor for your bird mesh installation for as long as you own the property. Call or Text 408-300-4711 for your Free Inspection and quote.

Critter Control

Watch how we custom fit our bird mesh barrier around the panels to keep birds and other pests from lodging under your solar panels. 

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Recent research by Duke University and The Indian Institute of Technology using NASA technology showed up to a 50% increase in efficiency after cleaning atmospheric dust and debris from panels. Cleaning also protects panels from lichen growing which can destroy the panel. Keeping panels clean protects your panels.

If you live in proximity to a highway, close to redwoods or other high dust area you will see dust and droppings. Clean is good! Once a year is okay, 2 times a year is better. Text or call us at 408-300-4711. We'll answer your questions and quote a price!

Well as the saying goes, "Prevention is worth a pound of cure"! If you do not have pigeons and other birds or squirrels making merry on your roof, you are lucky indeed! If those critters are already in residence we can apply "critter-guard" to your panels, which will keep pigeons and other birds from nesting under the wonderfully warm panels and keep pesky squirrels from chewing wires and doing other damage. Nobody really wants barbequed squirrel on their roof...Watch our video on how we can help keep the critters at bay.

We are licensed and insured and thoroughly experienced in cleaning all types of solar panels, including residential roofs of flat or curved concrete tiles, commercial installations on parking lot covers, field installments and more. We abide by all safety standards. If we can do 50,000 solar panels as on the Apple Space Ship, we can do yours and we guarantee you will be happy with the results.

If the outside areas of your home need bringing up to snuff, we can clean siding, walkways, patios, driveways and decks, even gutters. Hate that moss, wash it away. We can help restore your home to its original condition. If you need any of these services, just text or call us with your questions and ask for a quote. 408-300-4711.

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